Ten Things to Know before taking an International Trip

Regardless of how many times you have taken an international trip, or not, it’s always important to get a fresh list of the things you should know before taking the plunge to travel abroad. Today we are sharing 10 things to do before taking an international trip so you can be ready for your next excursion …

  1. Make sure you have checked in with your doctor and any other health care professionals to ensure that your insurance will be accepted internationally and that your health is in tip top shape to travel abroad.
  2. Do not use airport ATM’s because you will end up spending more in fees than it’s worth to just have cash in your pocket. Try your best to always use an ATM in the country you are visiting, or better yet, take enough cash out before you leave.
  3. Contact your bank to inform them that you will be traveling internationally. This will keep your debit or other bank cards from triggering the fraud alert system. The last thing you want is to have your bank card cancelled when you are out of the country.
  4. Make sure to prepare for whatever country your visiting by purchasing an adapter for your electronics. You won’t want to have to purchase adapters in another country that you aren’t familiar with. It’s best to just be prepared with your own from your home country.
  5. Be sure to pack enough snacks to curb your hunger while traveling internationally. You won’t want to have to stop for snacks or spend extra cash to get high priced snacks that won’t even fill you up. It’s much easier to just pack a few snacks that will keep your hunger at bay while traveling.
  6. Be sure that you have a passport and any visas that may be required to travel internationally. Research the proper ID’s that are required for you to both get to the country and to return to your home country. If possible, make a copy of these ID’s so you have them on hand if they get lost or stolen.
  7. Always check for travel warnings or bad weather forecasts for where ever you are traveling to. This will help you to be prepared for the proper weather conditions when packing and try to navigate to another country if necessary.
  8. Register with your country so they will know that you are traveling internationally. If possible provide them you itinerary. This comes in handy if there is ever an emergency situation; they will know you are in another country and be able to locate you and get you back to safety.
  9. Perhaps you should consider purchasing travelers insurance as well. Some may not need it, but depending upon what you are bringing with you and how long you are going to be traveling internationally, it may be a good idea to look into. Plus, traveling with several passengers can get costly if you run into a cancelled flight or extended layover.
  10. Study, Study, Study. There is no better way to prepare for traveling internationally than to study the location you will be traveling to. Get to know the culture, what the weather will be like and any other information that will assist in ensuring your international travel experience is awesome.

We hope you find these tips helpful and fell free to comment with tips of your own!