What You Need to Know before Traveling tom Canada

Winter is here and covering various areas of the world. There seems to be this common occurrence among travel lovers; snow never stops them. Since you quite possibly will be dealing with the snow this season, we wanted to showcase the top 10 things to pack when traveling in the snow so that you can be prepared for the worst case scenario.

  1. Beanie, gloves/mittens, warm coat.
  2. Sunglasses for that snow white sunshine glare.
  3. Hand warmers that you break like glowsticks to warm your hands/feet.
  4. Waterproof boots/shoes.
  5. Thermal undergarments.
  6. Cashmere or Angora scarf – super warm materials.
  7. Non-Wheeled luggage bags – they won’t wheel well in snow.
  8. Snow tubes/sleds for family fun.
  9. Water Bottle that won’t freeze.
  10. Waterproof digital camera – to capture memories.

Surely the list of what you should pack when traveling in the snow could go on and on, but today we wanted to focus on the most essential 10 items that we felt you need when traveling in the snow. From keeping warm to capturing the memories to everything in between, it’s important to think about all angles of the trip and what clothing items one may require when entering a cold, snowy area.

If you are all set on traveling in the snow, then perhaps you can skip a flight out of here to the Caribbean during the Winter season, but if you prefer to brave the snow because of its glorious beauty then be certain to prepare for all scenarios of bad weather. The last best tip we have is to ask friends who live in the area you are traveling to for their tips on adding more to this list.

Can you think of some snow travel essentials? Comment with them below!