@PapaHypeBlog and I just got back from our parents getaway to Punta Cana and of course we have some tips.

Punta Cana is located in the Dominican Republic and is a popular vacation spot for many, with the promise of a relaxing sunshine stay amongst white sandy beaches and crystal clear water.  If you are looking to add some relaxation in your life and have dreamed of palm trees swaying while you lay out drinking umbrella drinks with the crystal clear water view in sight, then Punta Cana may be the next place to add to your bucket list. But first, there are things to know about Punta Cana before you hop on that plane and head towards your destination.

5 Things to Know Before you go to Punta Cana

5 things to know before you go to Punta Cana:

  • US Currency Does Work – There is no need to pay the fees converting your American dollars into pesos. While we would recommend bringing smaller bills and coins, as getting back change can be difficult, there are many places who will accept United States currency as a payment method. In fact, many of them prefer it.
  • Respect Customs of Punta Cana – The Dominican Republic has strong Catholic roots. As with any place you vacation away from home, it’s important to get familiar with and respect the customs of the area as a means to have a peaceful stay. (@PapaHypeBlog has a best friend who is from the DR, so he mastered the slang so well that they wouldn’t believe he was Puerto Rican and not Dominican).
  • Tourists Flock Here – Remember that Punta Cana is heavily saturated with tourists; this means there may be hotel to hotel and less of an option to get a private beach location. While this doesn’t make Punta Cana completely crowded, just be aware it is a popular tourist destination. Try to find off-peak times to travel if you are seeking more tranquility.
  • Swimming – Make sure to read all signs and swim in designated areas. The water can get very choppy. (Even I was taken under a few times and I am a strong swimmer). also don’t swim at night, most areas do not allow for night time swimming. Be aware of the locations that are designated for swimming and those that may not be.
  • Tipping – Try to tip about 10-20% in US dollars, the locals will really appreciate you. As with most underdeveloped countries, the wages are low and tipping at this level will really allow the locals to treat you kindly and with great service.

(Of course, we have some more tips to share, but wanted to get you started with a few for now)!

Overall Punta Cana is a fantastic place to visit. Make sure to plan your trip well in advance to ensure you are getting the most out of your dollar. There are travel agents who can guide you through the process of flying, travel and resort expenses as a means to combine discount offers to save the most money. Punta Cana has beautiful beaches filled with sunshine that simply takes your breath away. If you become aware of the culture prior to traveling there, then you will be in for a fantastic trip!