Five Tips to Traveling with Extended Family

While you may have survived traveling with your partner, your children and even your pets; traveling with extended family members can be far more challenging than you ever dreamed. We recently road-tripped up to Pennsylvania for #MyMister’s annual family camping trip, and here are some of our thoughts and advice regarding this type of travel. Extended family member vacations bring together a much larger range of beliefs, personalities and needs to satisfy than traveling with your immediate family members. Today we are going to give you 5 tips to traveling with extended family members without harming anyone in the process.

Plan Something for Everyone

You will have plan deeper when it comes to traveling with extended family members. Take into consideration the needs and desires from each of your extended family members. Consider having each household that is going along for this vacation submit a little checklist of needs and wants that they anticipate meeting during this travel experience. Have one person in charge of collaborating the list and then hold a family meeting with everyone at once to be sure you can come to an agreement on what you will do while traveling together.

Consider Large Accommodations

When traveling with the extended family you may want to ensure each of you has space to relax and detach during the vacation. You may want to consider a large accommodation location that allows each family member to have a bit of space from the chaos that comes when traveling with your extended family. If possible rent an entire campground area or an entire floor of a hotel room to ensure your extended family is together without being crammed into a tiny location. Having the right accommodations for the entire family will allow you all to fully enjoy this trip together.

Consolidate Packing Items

Since you are planning to travel with a larger group of people, you may consider consolidating some packing items. If you have a huge group of women in the family who all use a hairdryer, flattener and/or curling iron, you could enlist one person to pack these items so that you don’t end up with 10 of each when you are traveling. Discuss what items you all can consolidate so you don’t end up over packing and paying extra for more luggage. This is especially important if you are flying to the location.

Be Responsible for Children

You will want to discuss ahead of time how the minor children between extended family members will be handled. There is nothing worse than getting to your travel destination with extended family members only to find out that they expect you to watch their children. Discuss how children will be cared for during this trip and consider alternating responsibilities for children so each can get a tiny break from parenthood during this time away. 

Ignore the Small Issues

When traveling with extended family members you are sure to find some quirks that annoy you about another family member. Learn to ignore the small issues so that you all can enjoy this vacation away from home. There’s no reason to start a huge argument and ruin the vacation for everyone when you can ignore any small annoyances that occur. Truly let go of small issues so you can focus on spending quality time with your extended family during this trip.

Do you have any tips you could add to this?