Best Travel Apps

Travel apps can certainly be a huge saver when you are traveling around the world or even in your own backyard. Times today have changed, with smartphones and the ability to download travel apps that save you cash, it’s no wonder more families are hopping in that car and hitting the road! Today we want to share the best travel apps to save you cash so you can start traveling with the family on a budget, without stressing!

Skyscanner App

This app is great for planning flights. It can show you the costs by month, day and broken down by different airlines. Plus, you can then go into Expedia through it to get the best possible prices on flights.

Expedia App

Expedia has a best price guarantee, and will even refund money to you if a better price shows up. Plus, it has a points reward program that you can use to get money back and additional benefits and savings. Plus, the app comes with an initial bonus when you use the app for the first time.

Meal Ticket App

With this app that is available on iPhone, you are able to get deals and read reviews on places to eat. We all need to have food when traveling around the world or in our local area. Meal Ticket helps to ensure you save the most cash on food while ensuring you only visit the best reviewed restaurants in the area you are traveling to.

GasBuddy App

Regardless of how you plan to travel to your destination, gas will come into play. This means having gas to get to and from an airport or train station as well as gas if you plan to truck the whole trip in your vehicle. GasBuddy is an app that will help save you cash on gas prices, download this app to find the cheapest gas station wherever you are at.

Hotel Tonight App

This is the perfect app if you can remain patient in finding hotel accommodations. Hotel Tonight has last minute deals on hotel rooms that were not booked for that evening. Since hotels want to fill their rooms to the max capacity possible, tapping into those last minute booking deals will allow your family to stay in a hotel while traveling at a much lower cost.

BestParking App

Traveling outside of your regular hometown may require an additional parking fee depending upon the location. Use the BestParking app to find deals on parking garages and help guide you towards the best places to park. This app is designed to make sure you don’t get ripped off with high cost parking garage costs when in an unfamiliar city.

Yelp App

Last but certainly not least, the Yelp app will help give you feedback on locations for the city or town you are visiting. Be it a road trip, stop along the route or your destination, Yelp offers reviews and feedback for a wide range of things like restaurants, entertainment and accommodations. Learn to make Yelp your best friend as a means to save the most cash and have the best time ever while traveling.