Home Safety Tips for Summer Vacation

Think ahead of time when it comes to home safety tips for your summer vacation. Whether you are going for an all day trip or leaving for a longer period of time this summer, you will need to think about home safety. We know that you already have a long […]

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How to Plan the Ultimate Surprise Trip

In this day in age, we can find nearly every inch of every travel destination showcased on the internet. There is little mystery and surprise when it comes to traveling these days. While you can view most of your itinerary online, it’s best to not look at everything if you […]

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Traveling Without Pets: Tips for Choosing a Pet Sitter

Thinking about traveling with the family but worried about your pets being home alone? Have no fear, today we are going to help you learn some tips on how to choose a pet sitter so that you can rest easy knowing your pets are well taken care of while your […]

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How To Fine Tune Your Vehicle for Traveling

Planning to go on a road trip anytime soon? With Summer just starting, many families will hop in their family vehicle in the upcoming weeks and head off towards destination unknown. However, many will neglect to fine tune their vehicle before traveling. The key to maintaining your vehicle is to […]

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Travel Tips for Newlyweds

Being that @PapaHypeBlog and I just took our first real honeymoon, we decided we’d offer up some advice to the future family travelers in our audience; the ones who are just now getting married.

The wedding day has come and gone; now you are finding yourself ready to head out to […]

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How to Plan a Family Vacation

This post is part of our “The Summer of Family Travel” series. 


Tis the time of year when families all over the world are starting to think about what to do during Summer vacation. The kids will be heading back home after their 180 days of education in the school system, […]

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Tips to Leaving Teens Home When You Travel

We recently talked about leaving kids at home while you travel, but what about teenagers? (While the Lopez crew has no teenagers yet, I’ve been the teen left at home when a parent travels so I have some advice). The thought of leaving your teen home alone may have your […]

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Tips to Pack Light When Traveling

You are almost ready to go on your next trip, but you’ve hit a roadblock; You can only bring 1 bag and you have no clue how to pack light while still having the necessary clothing, accessories and toiletry items. Have no fear; you can master packing light while traveling […]

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Tips on Leaving Kids Home While you Travel

Having just returned from Punta Cana last week, we have some tips for you when you too want to plan a parent’s getaway.

Leaving your kids home while you travel may seem scary, especially if this is the first time you are leaving the crew home for a little traveling time […]

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5 Things to Know Before you go to Punta Cana

@PapaHypeBlog and I just got back from our parents getaway to Punta Cana and of course we have some tips.

Punta Cana is located in the Dominican Republic and is a popular vacation spot for many, with the promise of a relaxing sunshine stay amongst white sandy beaches and crystal clear […]

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