Tips on Leaving Kids Home While you Travel

Having just returned from Punta Cana last week, we have some tips for you when you too want to plan a parent’s getaway.

Leaving your kids home while you travel may seem scary, especially if this is the first time you are leaving the crew home for a little traveling time […]

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5 Things to Know Before you go to Punta Cana

@PapaHypeBlog and I just got back from our parents getaway to Punta Cana and of course we have some tips.

Punta Cana is located in the Dominican Republic and is a popular vacation spot for many, with the promise of a relaxing sunshine stay amongst white sandy beaches and crystal clear […]

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Simple Travel Tips for Beginners

You have the urge to go travel, but you aren’t sure where to start because traveling is something you really haven’t done much of. Traveling can be a super fun addition to anyone’s life; it brings new experiences of culture, scenery and memories that last a lifetime. If you are […]

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Tips to Survive Traveling With Kids

Traveling with kids doesn’t have to be a nightmare; there are some easy tricks and tools of the trade to make traveling with kids a breeze. No matter how old your children are, these tips to survive traveling with kids will certainly create a fantastic memory making experience with your […]

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Travel Apps to Make Traveling Easier

In this day and age with smartphones & apps everywhere, you need to know which travel apps can really make traveling easier. Being away from home and not knowing what the reviews are for a hotel, restaurant or event you are thinking about going to is like walking outside late […]

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WDW Park Hopping Moneysavers

Yesterday, we shared some Disney Park Hopping Tips and today, we are sharing some WDW Park Hopping Moneysavers.  As some of you might have read, the ILFT crew got a chance to Disney park hop for three days, thanks to the Zootopia press junket I was invited to. Here are some of […]

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Family Road Trip Tips

There’s nothing like a good road trip with the family. No lie, I really mean it. We pretty much take one every other month or so. This month we are heading to New Orleans aka NOLA, for the iRetreat Conference. We’re stopping off in Orlando on our way up from […]

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Blogger Showcase: Pint Size Pilot

Tell us a little background about you and your blog.
I created my family travel website for those parents out there who feel that their days of traveling to far off exotic places should not end simply because they now have a mini me in tow. After logging dozens of flights […]

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Blogger Showcase: We3Travel

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We3Travel inspires families to explore the world by providing tips, reviews, destination information and sample itineraries that make family vacation planning easier. Since 2013, our family of three has been showing parents how, with a little planning and preparation, they can […]

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Blogger Showcase: Globetotting

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Every family has their own idea as to what makes the perfect family holiday. For some it’s a trip to Disneyworld, for others it’s a two-week beach holiday in Spain. globetotting’s British co-founders, Katja Gaskell and Victoria Westmacott, have enjoyed both […]

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