Home Safety Tips for Summer Travel

Think ahead of time when it comes to home safety tips for your summer vacation. Whether you are going for an all day trip or leaving for a longer period of time this summer, you will need to think about home safety. We know that you already have a long to-do list to get completed prior to leaving, but you may want to take these tips into consideration as well before you head out on your vacation this year.

  • Trick Potential Intruders – Make it appear as if someone is home while you are away with cardboard shadow people behind curtains, movement and lights on if gone at night. This helps deter a burglar from targeting your home. We always leave some lights on in our house and we have motion detector lights as well.
  • Hold Your Mail – Mail piled up in the mailbox will be a sure sign to someone who is trying to see if your home is vacant. Have the post office hold your mail while you are on summer vacation or have a neighbor pick your mail up for you. (Since we blog, we always get tons of mail/ packages when we are on trips and vacation holds help ensure they don’t disappear either).
  • Use Your Neighborhood – Ask if a neighbor can stop by to keep an eye on your property every so often. Having someone frequently going in and out of the home, as well as someone to keep a watchful eye for intruders, can help limit your risk of intrusion. Even if they won’t commit to stopping at your house, at least locate a neighbor with a neighborhood watch sticker and notify them. People with the sticker tend to keep an eye out for possible intruders. (We’re fortunate enough to have two policemen in our cul-de-sac, so their police cars are parked there at night).
  • Refrain From Social Media Overshare – Try not to share too much about being away from home on your social media accounts. While you may be connected to people you know, there’s no guarantee that anything online is safe from strangers. (Since we are travel bloggers, this can be a bit difficult for us. People expect for us to be away from home. Having the police nearby helps, but we also enlist our family members to stop by).
  • Remove Your Spare Key – While you may feel safe leaving a spare key somewhere hidden for a neighbor to have access to your home, don’t leave a spare key anywhere. Instead give someone a spare key directly so that no one can accidentally find that hidden spare key.

We know that you have a busy summer vacation plan, but you won’t regret taking a little bit of extra time to safe-guard your home. There are many ways people safe-guard their home when away for a long period of time. Confide in people you trust and work together to ensure your home is ready to trick intruders into thinking someone is home. The biggest key to ensuring your home is safe during summer vacation is to not share too much info about you being away from home on social media accounts. (Inform your teenagers of this too)!