Now that we are beginning to discuss traveling with your spouse/ partner sans kids, I thought it would be cool to delve into some of these travel tips for couples. Yes, @PapaHypeBlog and I are about to take our first real vacation together, but there was a time when we took roadtrips before the kids were born. Sometimes we still sneak off for a daytime excursion when the kids are in school.

One of the biggest challenges within relationships would be the need to find time for just the two of you, and most couples are already busy making a life that they neglect to live that life fully. Today we will discuss how to build your relationship one road trip at a time, thus making time for the two of you to reconnect, rejuvenate and fall in love all over again while on the road together.

A study completed by and Ford actually took the time to survey couples who take road trips to find that 77% of the couples surveyed actually looked forward to the time spent together while on a road trip, while 90% of the couples stated that the road trip with their partner actually proved to be beneficial to their relationship! Taking into consideration that numbers don’t lie, let’s determine a route to build your relationship using this method of one road trip at a time:

  • Set a Schedule for Mission Road Trip- Work with your partner to schedule a specific weekend or day of week to take a random road trip together, and make sure your kids have school or a babysitter that day. No matter what is going on in your lives, break free of the hustle and bustle of the real world, pop gas in your vehicle and get on the road. Don’t ask where. Don’t put off heading out the door. Just get going and follow through on keeping the schedule for mission road trip as a means to have something to look forward together as a couple.

How to Build your Relationship One Roadtrip at a Time

  • Make the Road Trip Fun- Have the partner who isn’t in charge of driving cover their eyes. Then pull into a parking lot and turn in a circle a couple of times in the vehicle, then stop. Instruct the non-driving partner to point in any direction, and then let them uncover their eyes and head off in the direction your partner pointed to. At every stop light ask your partner to choose a direction; left, right or straight? Continue on during the whole road trip this way as a means to let the non-driving partner have a chance to be in charge of destination unknown while encouraging some laughter together as you happen upon dead ends and random locations.
  • Stop for Photo Shoots- Pretend that you and your partner are on a mission to capture photos in a variety of locations,  take selfies together as well as apart and encourage each other to take photos of unique sights you happen upon during your destination unknown road trip.  Stopping to take photo shoots together like this really helps engage communication and helps to learn each other more. Something that you may find interesting, your partner may not and vice versa, this will strengthen the connection between you two as you work to enjoy the road trip and learn more about each other.

The best way to keep relationships long lasting and ever growing is to have time set aside for the both of you apart from the regular duties that life throws at you. While you are on this destination unknown road trip with your partner, do not discuss bills, children or family, use this road trip as a means to pretend you are teenagers again and learning each other for the first time. You will be surprised at how much you can learn about your relationship and your partner during a road trip, even if you have been together for years!