Whether you are a home-school parent or traveling with the kids during the school year and seeking ways to educate kids while traveling, this article is for you. Many parents want to use their travel experiences as a stepping stone towards teaching their kids about other cultures and geography. Today we will share a few tips on how to educate kids while traveling so that you keep those brains forming and have fun along the way.

Research Historical Markers

This is by far the most fun way to educate kids while traveling. They will not only learn about geography, but they will learn about the history that shaped that area. Historical markers can be searched out online before heading out on your trip. Work with your kids to figure out what type of historical events may intrigue them and create an itinerary of stopping at historical markers along your travels. Take time to discuss each historical marker and allow your kids to soak in the information by asking their own questions and doing their own research regarding each historical location.

Create a Scrapbook

Have your kids be prepared with all of the necessary scrap-booking supplies prior to leaving on your travels. Allowing the kids to create a scrapbook of each location will help them to not only create long lasting memories of your family time traveling, but it will give them a way to look back and remember what they learned while you were traveling. Perhaps setup a guideline of what each scrap-booking page may consist of. Require each kid to have information about population, major historical events and such within each scrap-booking page as they document the journey of traveling with you.

Have fun Discussions

You don’t have to educate your kids on historical events or geography in text book style while traveling. There’s nothing more fun to check out bizarre locations and odd ball facts about every place you visit along your travel route. Incorporate fun into learning, after all traveling as a family is usually about connecting and having fun. Almost every place you visit will have some funny story pertaining to the rich history of that location, research it and perhaps visit those spots to incorporate fun discussions and laughter while traveling with kids.

Educate Based on the Kid

Each kid learns differently and as their parent you know how to guide them towards wanting to learn more while traveling. Discuss with your partner how you two will incorporate education within your trip. One of the best ways to educate kids in a way that allows them to retain that information is to create a fun, hands on learning experience. Traveling is a great way to incorporate hands on education in a non-traditional way, get started today by planning your next trip with kids to be educational and fun.

As we travel as a family, we see how much our children learn through experiencing rather than just reading in a book. In fact, we are currently trying to work with our son’s school to create a learning program that would allow him to travel without having any issues with school absences.

Have any educational tips for families traveling with kids? Share them below!