How to Fine Tune Your Vehicle for Traveling

Planning to go on a road trip anytime soon? With Summer just starting, many families will hop in their family vehicle in the upcoming weeks and head off towards destination unknown. However, many will neglect to fine tune their vehicle before traveling. The key to maintaining your vehicle is to keep up with the necessities all year round. Sadly, many people forget this important piece of life. With everyone leading busy lives and money being allocated elsewhere, oftentimes the family vehicle is last on the totem pole.

While you may have put off that oil change or tune up for the last year, if you are heading off on a road trip for Summer pleasure, then you must stop and think about the needs your vehicle has prior to piling in the family and hitting the pavement. (We’ve been stranded more than once due to car trouble and it’s no fun).

Tasks to Prepare for that Road Trip:

  • Check All Fluids In Your Car – Brake fluid, transmission fluid, oil and antifreeze need to be checked and refilled if low.
  • Check Tire Air Pressure – Properly inflated tires will make sure your gas mileage is good; tires that are low on air pressure will suck more gas.
  • Change Your Oil – If traveling a long distance in that family vehicle, it won’t hurt to get the oil changed to ensure it’s ready for the long haul.
  • Check Tire Wear – Nothing will stink worse than getting a flat. Use a tread gauge or a penny to make sure your tire tread is with at least 1/16” of tread all around.
  • Change Air Filter – This is one area that most neglect; make sure your air filter is clear of debris and replace it before the road trip.
  • Clean All Windows – Put your family vehicle through the local car wash, at the least, make sure all windows are clean for maximum visibility on the road.

Things to Pack for that Road Trip:

No matter how well you properly maintain your vehicle and prepare to have your vehicle fine-tuned for that road trip, there are precautions you must take in case of an emergency. Here are some things that you should pack for your family road trip:

  • A Spare Tire – For the obvious reasons.
  • 2 Gallons of Distilled Water – In case antifreeze leaks.
  • Portable Jack – In case of a flat tire.
  • Battery Charger – In case that battery goes dead.
  • Blankets – In case you are stuck on the road overnight.

There you have it, an easy to follow list of items to fine tune your vehicle for traveling. We hope that these tips allow you to fully enjoy your next travel excursion, road trip style!