How to Pack for a Winter Vacation

Many families will opt to head to a warmer climate during their Winter vacation, while others prefer to stay amidst the cold snow that Winter brings along. Whether you are planning a staycation in the comfort of your own home or traveling to a Winter resort destination, you must know how to properly pack for a Winter vacation so that you don’t freeze to death in the process. This is the first year we are staying south for the Winter, but we definitely have some tips from our NYC winter travels.

Winter Gear

You will want to make sure that the whole family is stocked up on Winter gear without going overboard on the weight of your suitcase; especially if you are flying to your Winter vacation destination. Items like hats, ski pants, gloves, mittens and scarves will need to be packed up to ensure the whole family stays warm.  Here’s a tip: If you plan to fly, wear your coat and other accessories into the airport to save space in your luggage. Airports are usually cold anyway, so you won’t get too hot.

Proper Shoes

There is something to be said about having proper shoes when packing for Winter vacation. You will want to make sure you have heavy shoes that are also waterproof and have insulation to keep those toes warm. Think about purchasing high quality Winter boots for each family member to alleviate the complaints of cold toes during your Winter vacation. I made the mistake of buying fashion boots once, and the snow seeped right into them, making my toes freezing cold and wet.

Resist Over-Packing

While it may be tempting to pack up every possible Winter item you own to be overly prepared for this Winter vacation, please resist. Work in layers as opposed to heavy favorite Winter gear items.  You will not want to have luggage heavier than necessary, especially if you are traveling by plane. Even if you are traveling by car, you want to ensure your family can still fit within the vehicle while you travel to your Winter vacation destination.

Winter Accessories

You will still have to think about the glaring sunshine during your Winter vacation. More often than not, that sun will glare off the white snow while you are driving or walking around outside. Think about purchasing polarized sunglasses, sunscreen and long johns so that you have these accessories should the sun beam bright and the cold wind blow during your Winter vacation.

Remember to Have Fun

Packing for a Winter vacation can be more tedious than packing during the Summer months, but it doesn’t have to be a stressful process. Take into consideration each of these tips we have provided for you today so that your family can get out and enjoy that Winter vacation together. Remember that this Winter vacation is all about having fun while traveling with family. Focus on the fun!