This post is part of our “The Summer of Family Travel” series. 

How to Plan a Family Vacation


Tis the time of year when families all over the world are starting to think about what to do during Summer vacation. The kids will be heading back home after their 180 days of education in the school system, ready to spend some quality time with their family. Either way, one thing holds true, many families enjoy getting out of the house and taking a little vacation every Summer, and here you will find some tips on how to plan a family vacation without losing your mind.

  • Research Destination Options with Your Kids – Get the kids involved in the planning stages of your family vacation. Look for family-friendly locations that allow for down time as well as activity time for all applicable age groups. Notice which destinations seem to spark that excitement in your kids’ eyes, and go with it! We love hopping on the computer and sharing pictures & videos of the places we are going to travel to with with the kids. They get super excited and ask lots of questions.
  • Pack Plenty of Food and Drinks – Kids eat and drink a lot, so planning a family vacation with kids can become quite expensive if you don’t plan ahead in the food and drink department. Allow your kids to choose some snacks as well as drink options to take along, and make sure wherever you plan to stay has a fridge available for storage. We even pack food for long day trips too!
  • Discuss Rules and Expectations – This may be a family vacation, but rules and expectations still need to be set. Discuss what your expectations are of the kids while you are away from home. This alleviates the confusion of kids being uncertain of their boundaries while away in a new place. Being detached comes with a bit of freedom, but you need to reign them in or they will be expressing their freedom a bit too much.
  • Find Free Events – Most places have free event options available for families to attend during their vacation. Research events and other happenings that are going on where you are planning to stay and create your own family itinerary together with the kids to make the most of your vacation without going broke.
  • Rent a Vehicle – To avoid wear and tear on your family vehicle, try to rent a vehicle that is suitable in size for your whole family. This will also help complete the vacation feel by allowing you all to detach from anything connected to your home. Renting a vehicle alleviates the worry of anything happening to your own rig during vacation. We’ve been stuck more than once with our own vehicle, so we almost always rent a car now. (We rent through Expedia as they give more points for car rentals than flights and have some great deals on rentals).

There can be much success in having a family vacation every Summer; all that you need to do is follow these planning tips so that you can fully enjoy this time away from home and reconnecting with your kids.