Ultimate Surprise Trip

In this day in age, we can find nearly every inch of every travel destination showcased on the internet. There is little mystery and surprise when it comes to traveling these days. While you can view most of your itinerary online, it’s best to not look at everything if you want to experience a little bit of the unknown for yourself while you are planning the surprise for everyone else. When trying to plan the ultimate surprise trip you must do all you can to navigate away from viewing anything that will ruin that element of surprise. Today, we will discuss ways in which you can learn how to plan the ultimate surprise trip either with a loved one or the entire family as a means to create a memorable experience.

Start Planning Early

Depending upon your travel destination, planning early will ensure that you are able to actually have this ultimate surprise trip. Popular destinations fill up fast when summer vacation season is approaching, so try to plan before the peak season hits so you can rest easy knowing your reservations are solid.

Don’t Tell Anyone

Okay so you may have to tell at least one other person as a means to plan the ultimate surprise trip, but don’t tell too many people. Entrust those who you may need to seek for household care, pet care or child care while away but beyond that don’t let anyone spill the beans.

Use a Secret Email Address

In most cases of married couples, each has some level of access to the other person’s accounts. Using a secret email address allows you to maintain the planning of this ultimate surprise trip without having your spouse accidently happen upon travel reservation emails.

Think about Flight Connections

To add an extra level of surprise in this ultimate trip, try to look for connecting flight options that will increase the surprise during your journey to get to your destination. Adding mini-stops in between the destination add an extra shock factor into this ultimate surprise trip.

Use a Prepaid Card

When paying for the reservations of this ultimate surprise trip make use of prepaid credit cards as a means to avoid having your spouse see the bank statement and wonder why you are making such purchases.  Using a prepaid card also reduces the risk of credit card info being stolen.

Be Creative in Packing

Get creative in how you tell your family to pack for this ultimate surprise trip. Try not to give away too many details when instructing the best items to pack. If you aren’t good at getting creative, you may just pack your family’s bags yourself to keep from giving away the big surprise.

There you have it, a few tips on how to plan the ultimate surprise trip. Be it an anniversary, family or other special event you are planning this surprise for; you will survive keeping the secret while planning this trip if you follow the tips listed above.