Water parks with kids

Heading out to a water park with kids can really be a traveling nightmare. Depending upon how far away you are going, a water park usually ends up being quite stressful for parents. Regardless of how old your children are, a water park is full of hidden dangers where children can drown, slip and fall, or worse. It’s an anxious parent’s worst nightmare. This really doesn’t have to be the end of the world though, nor do you have to get anxious about traveling to a water park with kids.

Today we are going to share a few tips on how to survive a water park with kids so that you can travel to the nearest water park on a hot summer day and make those memories!

Plan to Visit the Water Park on a Weekday – There will be less crowds and more fun to be had. The shorter lines and ability to quickly get on and off the water park ride, will keep the kids entertained non-stop.

Rent a Locker and Leave the Towels Behind – There are usually lockers for rent at every water park for a reasonable rate. Pay a one-time fee so that you have use of a locker to store towels and other items that your kids won’t want to carry around all day.

Borrow or Rent a Life Jacket – There are many options at water parks for parents to rent or borrow a life jacket for the younger children. In addition, some water park attractions will require the use of a life jacket for children below a certain height.

Budget for Food – Your kids will get hungry. After all they are running around getting exercise at the water park, so hunger is sure to follow close behind. Set aside a budget that you can spend on food so you don’t go broke feeding those hungry kids.

Wear Secure Sunglasses – Nothing will make a kid have a meltdown like losing their favorite pair of sunglasses. @DittlesWorld is obsessed with her sunglasses, and trust us, it is not pretty if she misplaces them. If you must have them on at all times, make sure they are secured to your kid’s face to ensure they don’t get lost on the attractions.

Bring a Change of Clothes – If you have kids who don’t much like sitting around in wet clothing or waiting for their clothes to air dry after attending the water park, then be sure to pack up some extra clothing that you keep in the rented locker.

Have a Game Plan – Last but not least, you should have a game plan set-up ahead of time. Many water parks have a website setup where you can take a peek at the layout and attractions available. Make sure to work together beforehand to plan an itinerary for your family trip to a water park.

There are so many memories to be made at a water park. It’s all about planning ahead of time and being prepared for the worst case scenario. Some rides may not be suitable for every kid in the family, so make sure you have that game plan figured out before you are standing there with a super sad kid who wanted nothing more than to go on that ride they saw on the commercial. If you follow these tips laid out in how to survive a water park with kids, you are sure to have a blast!