Traveling with your partner

In April, we had the chance to travel without kids for the first time in our entire marriage. Traveling with your partner can be a whole new experience of reconnecting; from hilarious moments to first kisses in new locations, a trip with your partner simply screams “rekindled love”. Whether you are a newlywed or long time married couple, this article is for you!

Think about it, bonding over stress free travel time, in a faraway location while shopping and adult duties have been placed on the back burner. No more worrying about laundry, groceries or even bills while you and your partner travel to a faraway land to become one on an adventure. Traveling together as a couple may not be ideal for everyone, but if you are thinking about traveling as a couple together for the first time, we want to give you some tips:

  • Have Realistic Expectations – Not everything will be sunshine and rainbows when you travel as a couple. One of you may be an adventurer while the other is more relaxed. Keep the personality traits of each other in mind and expectations realistic when traveling as a couple.
  • Plan an Itinerary Ahead of Time – This helps to alleviate the indecisive answers and debates that can ensue while traveling together as a couple. Be sure to setup an itinerary ahead of time to ensure both of your travel needs are being met in a reasonable and fun way. But also, be sure to allow for some free time. Vacations are not meant to be overly-scheduled, and sometimes you want to do things on a whim.
  • Keep a Reasonable Budget – There’s nothing worse than having one partner pay for it all, while the other feels in adequate in helping with the financials of traveling. Discuss your travel budget beforehand and be sure each of you is okay with the expenses that will incur.
  • Try Something New – Regardless of each personality type, try to get outside of your comfort zone when traveling as a couple. Not only will this help you grow as an individual, it will help spark the romance between the two of you as the adrenaline rushes through your body.
  • Divide Preparation for Trip – You should know the strengths of each other by now. Work together to assign to-do’s to each other based on these strengths. Let’s say one is better at packing, and the other is better at planning an itinerary, you can each take on roles and work together productively!
  • Have Fun with This – If you plan to make traveling a part of your connection as a couple, make sure to have fun with the planning stage so that you both thrive to do this more often. Let loose and have fun so that traveling as a couple becomes a fantastic memory making event!

We hope that you will use each of these tips for traveling together as a couple so that you can enjoy life everlasting together as a solidified couple. Regardless of what the real world throws at you, this travel experience will be something that sticks with you both forever; embedded within your heart as a place to turn to when life gets too demanding.