Having just returned from Punta Cana last week, we have some tips for you when you too want to plan a parent’s getaway.

Leaving your kids home while you travel may seem scary, especially if this is the first time you are leaving the crew home for a little traveling time with your spouse. Have no fear, there are ways to ensure your kids are safe, taken care of and have a grand ole time at home while you are away.

Tips on Leaving Kids Home While you Travel

There are a few necessary details that you must not overlook such as ensuring your kids medical needs are taken care if an emergency arises while you are traveling. Make sure to write a medical permission letter and leave the kids medical cards with a caregiver or with the kids if they are older. The medical permission letter should cover all of the basics up to emergency decisions, this allows medical professional to care for the slightest cold symptom as well as an emergency situation while you are away. Leave all important legal documents with your older kids or the caregiver, such as birth certificates, social security cards, etc. to ensure your kids will have necessary documentation for anything that can arise. We kept everything in a folder so it was organized.

Additionally, if you are leaving younger children home they should be left in the care of someone they have a bond with. The best suited caregivers would be an older sibling, a grandparent that they have a bond with or a friend that they consider family. When you leave your kids under the care of another person, the deeper the bond they have, the less likelihood of separation anxiety or behavioral issues. If you have never left your kids alone, discuss their concerns before you leave as a means to leave the caregivers with less anxious or confused kids. Opening communication and addressing concerns your kids have before you leave on vacation will assist in having a positive farewell on the day of departure. In our case, we had our good friend Bohemian Babushka minding the kidlets. They already treat her like a grandma, so they were excited to have her come over for a few days.

Make sure to plan some activities and/ or leave out some books, games & toys that are normally put away.  They can help keep your children occupied and excited to play with something they normally don’t have free access to. The caregiver will appreciate having things for the kids to do. Our kids were elated when they learned we were leaving their tablets out to play (for no more than 2 hours daily). They also loved getting to play with some board games and having a picnic outside.

Have a plan for checking in at home. Kids love when they get a chance to connect with you when you are not physically there. Because we were in another country, we only had wi fi service on our phones. We used FB messenger’s video calling to stay connected with our little ones. They were so excited to be able to see our room, our view and see our faces.

Last but not least, make sure to stock up on any must have household essentials. While your caregiver may shop for needs that arise; it’s much easier to leave your kids behind when they have a stocked household. Ensure you leave a binder with any special instructions for the kids, as well as your expectations of the caregiver alongside any consequences that you would like the caregiver to maintain while you are away. We even included a menu for the meals, with easy to prep foods. Keeping the care for your kids similar to that of what you would do, should alleviate any stress placed upon your kids. Plus, the caregiver will have clear directions to better assist them while you are away.

Once you have established who will watch over your kids and how your kids will be taken care of while you are away, go on and enjoy that vacation resting easy knowing that your kids will greet you happily upon your return!