You are almost ready to go on your next trip, but you’ve hit a roadblock; You can only bring 1 bag and you have no clue how to pack light while still having the necessary clothing, accessories and toiletry items. Have no fear; you can master packing light while traveling when you use these tips:

Tips to Pack Light When Traveling

  • Use a Carry-on size Bag – Never buy large bulky suitcases, rather keep your travel luggage down to a minimal size of what you would bring for a carry-on bag. When you keep your travel bags down in size, you are automatically forced to pack light every time. Plus, not checking a bag means you can save time at the airport and going through customs (when traveling internationally). As a family, we usually each have a carry-on, a personal item. If we are anticipating bringing back souvenirs, we’ll pack 1 duffle to check on the way back.
  • Travel to Warm Areas – Instead of traveling to a location that requires you to pack bulky winter gear, make sure to travel to only warm locations when you can. This alleviates the need to pack heavy items that can take up space quickly. When we went to NYC in February, we ended up wearing about 3 layers of our clothes, plus coats, so we didn’t have to check more bags. 🙂 But of course, we prefer traveling to the tropical and warm locations.
  • Consider Your Fabrics – When you start selecting items to pack for your trip, pay attention to the fabric each item is made of. Try to pack the lightest fabric materials possible as a means to create more space in your luggage for all necessary items.
  • Use a Checklist – Always create a checklist of items you want and need to bring with you. Evaluate the checklist until you have it down to a bare minimum and then start packing. Be strict about eliminating unnecessary extras from your checklist. This is really important as it keeps you on track, and helps you avoid leaving things too! @PapaHypeBlog is usually the list creator here, though @DittlesWorld made her own list for the last trip and we were so proud.
  • Use Neutral Colors – When you pack all neutral colors for clothing options, it’s easy to have less clothing because you will be able to mix and match clothing items for your daily attire. Neutral colors also help you stay cool when traveling to a warmer location.
  • Fold Items – Wadding clothing up to fit into a tight space will counteract what your sole purpose is, to pack more in a smaller space. Taking the time to fold your items and placing them strategically in your bag will allow you to have more space to use. When we leave, we even fold our dirty laundry, to conserve space on the way back.
  • Use Versatile Shoes– One of the bulkiest items that you pack, believe it or not, can be shoes. Sometimes we pack dress shoes, sandals, water shoes, hiking boots, sneakers, etc. all for one trip. Shoes can take up a lot of space, and you end up finding out you did not need all of those shoes to begin with. Choose shoes that can play double-duty to the various activities on you are planning. For instance, when we went to Punta Cana, I packed a pair of silver dress sandals that I was able to wear to the beach, then paired with a dress later on for dinner and dancing. I never looked out of place, and the sandals took up very little space.

There are many strategies and methods to packing light when traveling, but we hope these tips give you some insight on creative ways to travel without packing your whole house up. When you take the time to use small luggage your brain automatically gets triggered to pack less and be more strategic in how you pack less within the one carry-on size luggage you have. Packing light is all about letting go, when you learn to let go of the unnecessary items you will start to pack lightly without a second thought every single time.