Traveling with kids doesn’t have to be a nightmare; there are some easy tricks and tools of the trade to make traveling with kids a breeze. No matter how old your children are, these tips to survive traveling with kids will certainly create a fantastic memory making experience with your family.

Get the Wiggles Out

If you are going to be on a long drive or flight to your destination, make sure to have your kids get their wiggles out before you buckle them into the seat. Jumping jacks, races across the lawn, jump roping, whatever activity you can have your kids do prior to buckling into that car or plane, let them do it! This will hopefully work to ensure they pass out during the long drive/ flight, or at the very least not be super restless during the ride. Our kids have a lot of energy, so we must make sure they get a chance to diffuse it.

Give the Kids a Camera

Bring along a camera that is designated solely for the kids to use while traveling. Let them take turns snapping photos on the drive/ flight, as well as at your destination. Having a kid’s camera serves as something to distract them from fits of boredom. A camera for the kids will also help keep them occupied when you travel back home from your destination, because they can take the time to look through all of the photos captured from your trip. @DittlesWorld laid claim to my pink point and shoot camera, and she loves taking pics and videos when we travel.

Tips to Survive Traveling With Kids

Bring a Tablet

There are so many kid friendly apps available now that having a tablet while traveling with kids has almost become a necessity. Download some kid friendly apps that will work with or without service, unless you have a tablet connected to Wifi, so that your kids will not even realize how long the ride was to your travel destination. A similar item to bring could be a portable DVD player for unlimited movie entertainment. Our kids love their tablets and they have been lifesavers for long flights or waiting areas.

Pack Lots of Snacks

Kid will get hungry on the road, especially if it is a long trip so be prepared with lots of snacks as well as drinks safe for the vehicle. Use a plastic container that has dividers built into it as a means to keep snacks portion controlled. Allow snack time while traveling with kids as you would when home to keep hunger pains from growing into grumbling kids in the back seat. If you are taking a flight, bring in empty water bottles as they will allow you to fill them up inside the airport.

Pack First Aid Supplies

Pack Band-Aids, antibiotic ointment, antibacterial wipes and hand sanitizer beforehand because you may need it. When traveling with kids you will end up with  messes from snacks to boo-boos from various excursions so be prepared ahead of time with first aid supplies to mend hurt kids quickly and make sure they don’t get sick from bacteria found on surfaces they touch while at your destination.

Traveling with kids doesn’t have to be a nightmare; you really can survive if you simply follow the above tips to survive traveling with kids. The biggest key to ensure your kids are occupied while traveling is to bring lots of entertainment, food and make sure to use appropriate distraction techniques to ensure your kids don’t even think about the long ride.