Travel Apps to Make Traveling Easier

In this day and age with smartphones & apps everywhere, you need to know which travel apps can really make traveling easier. Being away from home and not knowing what the reviews are for a hotel, restaurant or event you are thinking about going to is like walking outside late at night alone; very scary. When people say, “there’s an app for that”, it isn’t a joke and today we will share a few travel apps to make traveling easier on you and your family.

  • WeatherPro – When traveling, it is important to know weather patterns that are approaching to maximize your travel experiences. This app shares weather for over two million locations and includes data on cloud formations, atmospheric pressure right down to humidity levels and wind pressure. This can be particularly helpful when you are roadtrippin,’ cruisin’ or planning to be outdoors.
  • Travel List –Planning a trip can get overwhelming, leaving you to forget the little things like toiletries, toothbrushes or even pajamas. This app helps you to easily organize a list of what to pack for your trip away from home, which enables a quick view of those little things you may forget. We’ve literally forgotten underwear for someone on two occasions. Now we record everything and check it off.
  • TripAdvisor – If you want to know what restaurants, bars and hotels have the best ranking then this app is the one for you. While traveling to a new location you can rest assured knowing that you can go to locations that have great user experiences when you check out the ratings on this app.
  • Gas Buddy – If you are taking a road trip with the family, this app is perfect to save the most cash on gas expenses. Using Google Maps, this app can first show you the least expensive gas station closest to you and then open navigation in your Google Maps app.
  • Expedia (app)- When you create an account and use the mobile app, you can earn triple points on your bookings. These points can really rack up.  In fact, this is how we were able to book a room in St. Pete’s for $3 + tax/ for 1 night.
  • Hotel Tonight- This app is great for last minute hotel bookings. It can provide some steep discounts when you book within 7 days or less of your planned stay.
  • Skyscanner- We just used this app to book our flights to Punta Cana. We did our due diligence and we could not find cheaper prices on any other site we use, even directly through the airlines. In fact, we used their calendar view to see when the cheapest times to fly this year would be and then we booked the dates with the Hard Rock based on that. We had people message us afterward and reporting that they spent more for 1 ticket than we spent on 2! Plus, because we are flying JetBlue, it also allows us to collect TrueBlue points for the trip too!

There are so many travel apps available from both Google Play and iTunes, it’s merely a matter of learning about which ones will benefit you the most. To give you a tip, the apps featured here are ones that we feel will assist in making traveling easier to ensure you spend the least amount of cash and in turn have more time to spend with family while traveling together.