Travel Tips for Newlyweds

Being that @PapaHypeBlog and I just took our first real honeymoon, we decided we’d offer up some advice to the future family travelers in our audience; the ones who are just now getting married.

The wedding day has come and gone; now you are finding yourself ready to head out to your honeymoon destination, but did you two fully plan for your traveling experience together as husband and wife? While your honeymoon can be one of the best experiences in your new marriage, if it isn’t planned properly, it may just be a disastrous start. Today we are going to share some fantastic travel tips for newlyweds as a means to inspire your first trip as a married couple to be an absolutely amazing experience.

  • Book Your Trip Early – Whether flying, driving or taking a bus, book all portions of your trip early. When booking online you are able to find many travel discounts and it will give you and your partner time to check out what attractions and events are happening during your visit beforehand. There is no point in stressing about the travel details last minute, while you are also trying to plan a wedding to boot.
  • Pack Lightly – Now that there are two of you traveling together, luggage shouldn’t be bulked up. Learn to pack lightly so that you don’t have to carry heavy luggage all over the place. Pack enough clothing for the entire trip but communicate ways in which you two can combine clothing into one bag as a means to have less to carry at your destination. @PapaHypeBlog and I only check one bag. Everything else stays in our carry-ons.
  • Communicate Interests – This is the best time to get to know your partner, learn what each other envisions this trip being like. Discuss interests that pertain to both of you and work to compromise so that this trip allows you to bond versus argue over who did more of what. Combine interests and make this trip a total boost for the start of your marriage.
  • Pre-Select an Itinerary – This goes along with communicating your interests together. Plan an itinerary ahead of time so that there is less time focused on what you will do when traveling and more time spent on enjoying those special events and scenic tours. Create an itinerary and stick to it once at your destination.
  • Marriage Certificate – If you are traveling just after marriage, the woman may have to use her maiden name as the documentation of your name change isn’t on any legal documents aside from the marriage certificate. Be sure to bring this certificate in case you need to show proof of marriage for any venues that are dedicated to newlyweds.

Well there you have it, traveling tips for newlyweds meant as a list of suggestions so that you can enjoy your first trip together with much success. The key to traveling as newlyweds is to work on finding ways to strengthen your bond during this trip, work together to plan the trip in a way that suits both of your interests and you may just find out this is your first step towards effective communication and reasonable negotiation’s for future scenarios in your marriage.