Tips for Choosing a Pet Sitter

Thinking about traveling with the family but worried about your pets being home alone? Have no fear, today we are going to help you learn some tips on how to choose a pet sitter so that you can rest easy knowing your pets are well taken care of while your family is off enjoying Summer vacation. (We just went through this experience two weeks ago with Wicket, our pet Bearded Dragon).

Rather than choosing a kennel to have your pets placed in, which can add extra stress to the animal, you could take into consideration hiring a pet sitter. The position of a pet sitter is to arrive to your home and tend to the pets in a way that you would on a daily basis, thus alleviating the stress a kennel can bring to your pets while you are away on vacation. It can be quite stressful to pet owners to figure out who to hire when it comes to allowing a stranger within their home, but we hope these tips will guide you to move forward in allowing a pet sitter into your home while you travel.

  • Ensure the person or company is fully bonded and insured.
  • Check professional references on the person or company.
  • Interview the potential pet sitter with pets present, watch their interactions.
  • Be sure the pet sitter can accommodate your pet’s daily schedule.
  • Be sure there are multiple methods of contact; text, email & phone for example.
  • Ask about back-up if the sitter has something come up and can’t make it.
  • Find out if they have any professional training or if experienced based.
  • Make sure the fees are affordable for your budget.

There are so many families who give up the idea of ever taking a family vacation when summertime hits because they fear no one can tend to their pets in the way they do. With more and more families being able to afford a Summer vacation, the pet sitters industry has opened up to have a wide range of options for every pet and every family.  The key to choosing a pet sitter is to think about how well they are trained to work with your pets, how they can accommodate your pets needs and how much they charge for this service.

Once you have taken the time to get comfortable with the pet sitter of your choice, you can pack up the family to head on and enjoy a Summer vacation with less stress over your pets well-being.